Friday, October 30, 2015

Fabulous Minimalism Medium Format Film Photography by Eric van Rijsingen

Eric van Rijsingen is a 27-year-old Netherlands-based photographer who is living in Arnhem. “I started with analogue photography when I was 18, and quickly got into medium format (6x6 and 6x4.5). I actually lost my love for photography when I was 25 or 26, I was just kinda bummed out about it. Didn't feel any of my work was good enough. Nothing was ever perfect enough. But then I discovered alternative techniques when I was 27 and it made me fall in love with photography again.”

Eric is now a law student. He has been shooting on film only, and “I now do cyanotypes, emulsion lifts, pinholes and plan to try out more stuff and keep experimenting. I want my new photos to show that I have given up searching for the perfect image, because there is no such thing. I want to show now that every photograph is unique and special in its own way; you just have to really put something of yourself in there. Flaws can even enhance the image and give it character. I like to work like they did a hundred years ago and go back to the roots of photography.”

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  1. Such naturals photos always my prefer , thanks .