Saturday, September 5, 2015

She is with Her Watermelon Piece

Watermelon is not only a delicious fruit, but sometimes also a thing for girls posing to photograph.

summer in this city. by amʌnda adam

Untitled by christine karlsson

melónové leto by .nevara

sweet water-melon by anyakapron

Untitled by carlospereira.

anka's watermelon by una-una

與沙丁魚悠遊一夏午 by cc0518

THE GIRL WITH WATERMELON AND DOG by David's viewfinder!!

*summer by fangchun15

watermelon and a breeze by Chelsie A. Olivieri

Untitled by Kevin Orbitz

A primeira melancia da horta by vivitarexperiencias

Camilla Watermelon by BRYAN SHEFFIELD

Watermelon smiles by Maddie Joyce

Talia (with watermelon) by photoscarce

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  1. Watermelon is my favorite . Like it and thanks for shared .