Friday, September 4, 2015

Romantic Barbed Wire

 Barbed wire, barbed wire and roses
 Cut me so deep you don't even know
 Every time I take a step closer
 I wind up tangled, it's all over
 Ain't worth the pain of tryin' to hold you
 You're like, barbed wire, barbed wire and roses...
"-Barbed Wire And Roses-Pinmonkey 
facing the sun by Kristal

BarbedDublinBay by Cormac Phelan

fence by purplebottle22

Untitled by Thiago Maruyama

ouch by darkcanopy

farm life by The Box Brownie

Untitled by Bazzerio

Freddy's Fence by MacroMarcie

wild west by oceanerin

Untitled by Brandon Stovold

蓝天白云 by Shen Jet

Fujichrome Velvia 50 by Film-Love

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  1. Looking amazing . So much thanks for shared with us .