Monday, September 7, 2015

How to Take Good Photos in Bad Weather with Film Cameras

Good weather is always an excellent condition to have good photos easily. So how to make good shots in bad weather, especially with film cameras?

Here below are 8 interesting tips you can refer to own beautiful shots with your film cameras.

_ Shoot raindrops as bokeh.

(it rained all day) and then all night by breeze.kaze

i'm telling darkness from lines on you by wildorange55

_ Shoot in the rain with slow speed.

Indefinite by lauritadianita

Rain by leeeham

_ Shoot fog and mist.

early mornings by natalie c. wilson

Untitled by sadie jane baynham

_ Shoot snowfall.

Snowfall on the Rhine by Carsten aus Bonn

Untitled by Tomb Land

_ Shoot reflection.

a place both wonderful and strange by sommarboken

in the rain by p1r0 (Ludovico Poggioli)

_ Shoot lightning.

scan08-2 by Philgarlic

Nature's Fury by voetshy

_ Shoot wave.

This is such a place by Ar'alani

The cliche Crashing Wave shot that everbody does! by Great Beyond

_ Shoot with black and white film.

Feels like grain by an:na

autumn horse by .e.e.e.

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  1. Excellent weather and like these spanking photographs , thanks .