Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Adi Putra - 5 thing I love about Film

Adi Putra is a 25-year-old Indonesian photographer and filmmaker, based-in Los Angeles, California. He has been shooting mostly on film and had amazing work featured on our website last month.

Adi loves to shoot on film because of many reasons and here are 5 main things he would like to share with us.

1. The texture and colour you got from film is beautiful, it gives you this intimate and nostalgic feeling that you can't really get from digital.

2. I always welcome accidents whenever I take photos and film is so unpredictable. That what makes photography exciting for me.

3. Shooting on film gives you a lot more room to experiment with the medium.

4. It makes you think more before you snap a photo, which means it is an amazing tool for learning.

5. The variations of different kind film that are available out there are amazing and its very exciting to experiment with them.

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