Thursday, September 24, 2015

Romantic Couple Self-Portrait Film Photography by Thea Bosso

Thea Bosso is a 22 year-old Italian photographer, based-in Milan and Turin. “My first memory ever is my mom told me not to turn the lights on because my dad was developing film in the bathroom. The next day, first thing in the morning that when I went in the bathroom and found all our photos hanging on the wall. It was magical to me.”

Thea first got into photography as a teenager. She has been shooting both film and digital, but mostly on film. “I started shooting self-portrait because it was easier and more practical than shooting other people, but with time it became a way of exploring and expressing myself. When I got into a relationship, I started taking couple self-portrait for the same reason, it's a way not only to create beautiful (and tangible, thanks to film) memories, but also a way to express my emotions in that specific moment of time.”

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  1. Very beautiful.. I didn't know Thea Bosso. I've found the essays about her lifestyle at She seems to be very romantic in her works, doesn't she?

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