Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Wonderful Nepalese Film Photography by Iryna Marandyuk

Iryna Marandyuk is a 20-year-old Canadian photographer, based-in British Columbia. “I had been doing digital photography for a few years before, and I began shooting on film about 9 months ago. When I got my first film roll developed I was captivated by the whole process. It seemed, and still does seem like magic.”

Iryna has spent this last year working in missions and traveled to quite a few countries. “I brought my film camera to every country I went to (Europe, Asia). Like most, when I started taking photos, I photographed everything. Eventually I got more comfortable with taking photos of people and now it’s all I do. To me, there is nothing more interesting than a person. Sometimes I would hesitate in taking a photo of an old building or a beautiful forest just because there is nobody there with me, so I feel it’s lacking something. There is nothing better than a person, with a history of a life lived on photographic film.”

See more of her work at her Blog.

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