Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Dreamy Film Photography by Frédéric Agius

Frédéric Agius is a 34-year-old Toulon-born photographer, a city in south of France where he is still living in. “I've been taking photos since I was 29, for holidays or for special occasions, but since 2014, I have only taken analogue pictures and it began to be a real passion. I love imperfections, grain, scratches on film photography, it's full of authenticity, there are no retouch.”

Frédéric is now working with various film cameras: Olympus XA, Olympus OM-1, Canon EOS 5000, Pentax 67, Yashica Mat-124 G and develops film rolls by himself. “I love the simplicity in a landscape but the city and its lights are such an inspiration and a playground for me. I love arts in a general way, to be able to imagine a drawing and to compose a photo in the same way, I find that interesting. My friends and my family inspire me a lot and always motivate me.”

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  1. All photographs are looking natural that's are my favorite , thanks .