Saturday, September 12, 2015

Gorgeous Portrait Film Photography by Dea Bakuridze

Dea Bakuridze is a Georgia-based photographer, from amazing seaside Batumi. “I just love film photography, because my grandfather was a photographer, and when I was a child, I often saw he took photos with a magical "thing" named Zenit, since then, I always had a wish that "thing" were mine. Once, that wish came true. It's a quite old camera, but I just adore it. It's a kind of relic for me.”

Dea has been shooting on film only. Her work focuses mainly on portrait and nature, sometimes it's a combination of both. “I love that moment expecting the film rolls being scanned. Film photos are somehow totally different from digital. I mean, sometimes I feel like the objects on the photos are alive, they're talking, moving, feeling. The film photos have a soul. Just because I love the film.”

See more of her work at her photostream on Flickr.

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  1. Each photo captured styles are very unique and stylist . Love your all photos .