Monday, August 31, 2015

Wonderful Analogue Photos Explained Why Vienna is one of the World's Most Livable Cities

Vienna is the capital and largest city of Austria, and one of the nine states of Austria. It is Austria's primary city, with a population of about 1.8 million, and its cultural, economic, and political centre.

The 6th-largest city by population within city limits in the European Union, Vienna is host to many major international organizations, including the United Nations and OPEC. The city lies in the east of Austria and is close to the borders of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary.

Untitled by larry strange

Interesse by dacaccia

Street Photography in Vienna... by dnr

♥ by *setsuna

Untitled by artigiano

t-shirt dog by photo.riccio

waiting by photo.riccio

Untitled by I like dirt

Tango Lessons in Vienna by timeresonance

Untitled by Taygun AHISKALI

On my way home by S_Peter

Untitled by mint ira

Storm by daviwie

forbidden (for married men) by try...error

head wind by Ⓜⓡ. Ⓔⓓ

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