Monday, August 24, 2015

Walter Valentini - 5 things I love about Film

Walter Valentini is a 27-year-old Italy-based photographer who is living in a small town in Tuscany. He joined with us in few film photography projects and now we invited him coming back to share several reasons that make him always love shooting film.

1. Film photography has its own time of maturation. You can not click it, see it and share it in a short time. The photograph needs its own time to come.

2. With the piece of real negative you hand the photographic evidence: a real unique and unrepeatable

3. Each print that you will produce will always be different, it is handicraft.

4. When you develop the negative and review photographs feel a strong emotion because you can not have no idea what they really contain

5. Analogue cameras are beautiful and long-lasting as opposed to digital. And these old cameras are masterpieces, are so beautiful.

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