Friday, August 21, 2015

Under Electric Posts

Have you ever try to make a shot from under an electric post with a film camera? Don't hesitate, it will give you a lot of interesting emotions.

Symmetric Figure by yyy100

up by slimmer_jimmer

Pylon Patterns... by Trapac

Untitled-23 by katienoonan

Torre by Zé Antunes

Inside a pylon by Will Cheyney

something about symmetry by sly panda

E L E C T R I C I T Y by tatraškoda

yOuKfOu - Ensign Ful-Vue ... by yOuKfOu

framework by McMac70

Energy and power on film ... by Marcin Nurek

Monsters by Benjamin Disinger

Your Power by DanRSmith

Look Up !! by ct_charles

FILM by adriano.brodbeck

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