Monday, August 31, 2015

Maya Beano - 5 things I love about Film

Maya Beano is a 24-year-old England photographer who is living in Cambridge. She has been photographing for a long time, but started shooting film for few years ago.

Maya has currently shot on film mostly, especially with Lomography. She was just featured on Shooting Film last month and today coming back to share several reasons that make her still love shooting film.

1. The ambience. When I developed my first ever roll of film (Lomography XPro Chrome 100), I was speechless. The 'mood' I had been trying to achieve with my digital camera for years was staring me right in the face. Film photos evoke warmth and familiarity because of their realness. For me, the mood of a place captured on film is more relatable than that reproduced in digital photos.

2. The dynamic range and the tones. The tonal quality of film is superb. I am in awe of how beautiful skin tones in particular look on film, even under sub-optimal lighting. I like not having to worry about harsh highlights. Film handles light impressively well and imparts it with a certain softness that is difficult to achieve digitally.

3. Increased connectedness. I feel more connected to the subject when I'm shooting with a film camera, whether it is a place or a person. I take more time to get to know my surroundings and feel more in tune with the whole process. Perhaps this is because of the extra effort I put in when shooting film, which brings me on to my fourth point.

4. Film photography requires focus and great attention to detail. When I know I don't have an unlimited number of tries to get a photo right, I am more alert and observant. To get the most out of my 36 exposures, every shot I take with a film camera is carefully planned, and I love planning. I don't tend to stage my photos as such, but I become more particular about the moments I choose to capture.

5. Serendipitous results. No matter how long I spend 'planning a photograph', with film, there's always a chance that it won't come out as expected. I appreciate the mystery. Such is life...

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