Friday, August 14, 2015

It's The Reason Why Found Photography Always Makes Us Surprise

Found photography is a genre of photography and/or visual art based on the recovery (and possible exhibition) of lost, unclaimed, or discarded photographs. It is related to vernacular photography, but differs in the fact that the "presenter" or exhibitor of the photographs did not "shoot" the photograph itself, does not know anything about the photographer, and generally does not know anything about the subject(s) of the photographs. Found photos are generally acquired at flea markets, thrift and other secondhand stores, yard sales, estate and tage sales, in dumpsters and trash cans, between the pages of books, or literally just "found" anywhere.

Found photography is not a new film photos playing form, and it always bring many surprises to players. Here is a small collection of interesting found photos.

The Cat on the Hot Tin Roof by vintagephoto

Union Square Park by Lynne's Lens

University of Calgary (ca. 1970's?) by Sherlock77 (James)

Ontario Science Centre - ca 1969 by Light Collector

Kleuterschool (ca. 1970) by jinterwas

The Old American Stock Exchange Trading Floor; ca. 1980's by David C. Foster

Melbourne, ca 1910 by _barb_

Selling Milk (Japan or China ca. 1914) by ookami_dou

Fussballmannschaften - Eutin ca. 1934 by IsarSteve

Unknown child in a toy car, Belgium (ca. 1959-1960) by jinterwas

The Old Ball and Chain by The Cardboard America Archives

Berry Pickers - ca. 1915 (photographer unknown) by Lisa Lovingtree

On an Airship from San Francisco to New York by Alan Mays

Grandfathers father and mother ca 1900 by stenaake

Amerikakai, Hamburg ca. 1935 by perryolf

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