Saturday, August 22, 2015

Interview with Frank Machalowski

Berlin-based freelance artist and photographer Frank Machalowski who shared amazing analogue works on Shooting Film in June 2015 today came back with us in an interview to introduce more of his experience, especially for B&W analogue photography.

- Hi Frank, can you introduce some more about you? 

My name is Frank Machalowski, I was born in Berlin, Germany. I'm still living and working here. After studying Economic studies in Berlin I worked for 14 years as a business consultant, almost 4 years ago I started my own business as a freelance photographer and an artist.

- You have 2 creative film photography projects: 'monster' and 'multiexpo' in which you used long and double exposure methods to make amazing works. So could you please tell us how did you create them?

For the series 'multiexpo', I photographed landmarks as multiple exposures. It  was launched in Berlin, my hometown, but currently I have been working to extend this kind of photography to other cities. For this series I used exclusive analogue film material in both dimensions (35mm and 6x6) and only B&W. Here is a link to a short film, where I described the working method.

For the project 'monster', I took the pictures with an old analogue middle format camera, a tripod and some different ND-filters. I developed the negatives by my own. But the question of technique was quickly answered. More complicated is the management of the places and events. I started a photowalk with a look at the daily newspapers or relevant websites, to search for events, which will attract many spectators. If I didn't know the place, I would visit the location of the event some days or weeks before it started. Then I took some pictures in order to verify that it was worthy for this series. Therefore I am looking for unusual architecture or special sights, landmarks, and places wherever people come together and move – a steady flow... but mostly it is a random process.

- Tell us about your influences and what inspires you?

I'm a very visual person, a movie junkie, but I don't like everything. I love well-designed films and strange stories. I love the old masters of B&W photography and I read a lot. There are many photographers and artists I admire much. For me, the most fascinated photographers are Hiroshi Sugimoto, Michael Ackermann and Henri Cartier-Bresson. All of the three are masters of B&W photography.

- Most of your films are black and white. Why? 

I think in B&W photography there is no distraction by strange colours, it's more directly, if you know what I mean. Furthermore I love the work in the darkroom to control B&W material by chemicals (contrasting, pushing, toning etc.).

- Do you have any other projects in future in photography? 

I want to learn more about portrait photography. I'm looking for a interesting series where I can integrate photos of people.

- Is there any advice you can give to new analogue shooters?

Buy more films, that the analogue photography would not be perished!

Frank, thank you for the interview!

See more of his work at:

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