Monday, August 17, 2015

In the Hospital

Hospital is a place where we easily see different feelings on faces of people: happiness, sadness, worry, nervousness... Each of them is associated with each scene there.

Smiles by FlabbyPanda

Please, keep quiet! by subway rat

Junior on 4D by thomtomo

Father & Son. by Oz Barak

Untitled by JC.Murphy

Suturando la episiotomía. by Simón Segismundo

Amy & Jacqui in the hospital #1 by Ed Wenn

Night by fiftyfootshadows

hospital afters pt.II by ljuslek

arthroscopy 1988 by chrisdb1

Untitled by ctanstfl

Untitled by laurenlemon

I would follow you anywhere by Xiangk

Charity Maternity Ward by jeromebonto

Minutes after birth. by Drew O'clock

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