Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Handwritten Letters Who Still Remember?

Who still remember handwritten letters? The feelings when waiting for receiving from someone; when sitting alone to write with a cigarette, or a cup of coffee; when pasting the stamps; when walking, or riding bicycle for a long distance to put into a post-office box...

some love letters for a saturday by wildorange55

Letter writing is not dead. by Katarina Ribnikar

Letter from Juan Pablo by w4lrusss

Untitled by Vi - (nie)ulotne

warm words from russia- analog by januarychild

Letter by OlyaD.

Alone by Alexandriaofthenile

letters. by rcd826

post. by brooke_butler

Day 277/365 - Damn you Dixies by Great Beyond

Untitled by Courtney Sinclair

Untitled by julia fredenburg

~Explored! by Emma Carson

Untitled by larabacchiega

i'll live by my pen. by untidy souls

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