Thursday, August 27, 2015

From the Aerial Tramway

You could sit on an aerial tramway, or a sky cable car to see any wonderful landscape, but have you ever taken a picture of it, or of another cable cars with a film camera? Just so interesting!

Rio - Pão de Açúcar by Felipe Neves

Etna,cable car by em.ra

Ocean Park Cable Car by Van Calaguas

Up the hill by pau'lin

Cables in the mist by Kater Murr

Masada by cranjam

cable car over malaysia by kevin.sheth

gondola gondola gondola: part three by manyfires

Untitled by Fellhunter

midi bound by Ron Layters

Life has its ups and downs by Varbow

Linbana by fridut

ngong ping 360 cable car, lantau island, hong kong by narkevich_andrey

green valley by nothing to hide

up by cable car by Tanya Skvortsova

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