Monday, August 10, 2015

Francis Bellefeuille - 5 things I love about Film

Francis Bellefeuille is a 25-year-old Canada-based photographer who is living in Montreal. He first got into photography when he was 15 with a digital camera, and started to shoot on film for 2 years ago.

Francis was just featured on Shooting Film last month, now coming back to share his reasons to keep him on shooting film.

1. It's organic, pure, real.

2. It forces me to focus on what I really want to shoot. Not because I have only a few shots per rolls, because I bring a ton with me, because it's costing me a lot!

3. The range. Meaning I have so much latitude, I can over expose my shot 3 stops and still get the details back which is useful since I shot street photography mostly and don't have time to bother about technical stuff.

4. The colours. I used to hate colour pictures back when I was shooting on digital. So going back to film it was logical to shoot BW and it seemed easier to process myself. At one point I went on Youtube (as usual when I wanna know how to do anything) and found out colour processing kits were cheap and as easy as BW to use. The colours are just magical and you get a wide variety of them from film to film.

5. The waiting. Nothing drives me as crazy as this, waiting to get home and have the film processing completed and the negatives dried so I can scan them up and finally see if I screwed up or not.

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