Thursday, August 6, 2015

Don't Turn Away From Them

Rushed life with a lot of worries, so have we ever spent a little time to see what is happening around us? The following scenes might occur daily, but for many people, probably just like a breeze...

Don't turn away from them!

Homeless by Salva G.

Norway's "big thing" (Parliament) by Ivan LaBianca

The Invisible Man by Dominica69

Beggar and His Dog on 'Avenue of the Americas' by Roberto Novicini

Indifference by Andrea Venturini

sideways by gguillaumee

Sleep, Sleep, Sleep... by chuo104

homeless1 by arcticlamb

Prime Minister Jeoffrey Finglestinger by J-diggity-dogg

Untitled by Rai 幻の光

Untitled by le Manouche

If I walk with my head up I can't see him by Shawn Hoke

002 by khaniv13

Solo by Leo Uehara

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