Sunday, August 9, 2015

Coffee Beans

A coffee bean is a seed of the coffee plant, and is the source for coffee. It is the pit inside the red or purple fruit often referred to as a cherry. Even though they are seeds, they are referred to as 'beans' because of their resemblance to true beans. The fruits - coffee cherries or coffee berries - most commonly contain two stones with their flat sides together.

Like Brazil nuts (a seed) and white rice, coffee beans consist mostly of endosperm.

caffenol beans by ambient_images

Ristretto by Three Formed Function

Smell good by C.L.I.W

Beans by recircuit

Coffee break! by Skley

Has Beans by Paul Glover

Coffee Beans by ijdownie

Do you smell it? by Julian Marochow

The Beans... by gpereir4

Coffee beans by Karibouski

coco beans by Low Pui Ngai

Scorch London filming coffee farming in Yei County, South Sudan by tommcshanephotography

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