Friday, August 21, 2015

Beautiful Nature Film Photography by Steven Böhm

Steven Böhm is an Austria-based self-taught photographer who loves to experiment and “what I find particularly fascinating about analogue photography is the wide range of films and cameras that give endless possibilities. Also I prefer to physically work my images in the darkroom instead of sitting in front of a computer screen. I like to handcraft images.”

Steven shoots mostly nature, street, and friends on film only with both 35mm and medium format cameras. “ I can't limit myself to one genre, because so many things look beautiful through the viewfinder. I try to capture and express the beauty I see. If I had to give away everything but one camera my Hasselblad would be the one to keep. It might be a drag to carry around and it's definitely not the snapshot kind of camera, but using it is such a joy and the image quality has never disappointed me.”

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