Sunday, August 23, 2015

Fantastic "Light and Shadow" Black and White Film Photography by Jenő Németh

Jenő Németh is a Hungarian photographer who is living in a little town nearby Vienna, Austria. 
“Photography has been a favorite pastime for ten years. I think the majority of my images are just compositional studies, but browsing through my images, they appear to be two lines: on the one hand, some compositions of light and shadows, and on the other hand, a kind of portraiture without human presence. To me, the latter means that I am looking for such objects in the city, which refer to human presence: a locked bike, potted flowers that someone regularly takes care of, old cars, and so on. I don't have any specifically outlined stance, obviously, there are subject matters that are closer to me, but nowadays, I really enjoy shooting without creating boundaries for myself, hunting for lights and composition, it is all very important to me. I do not want to impose limits for myself, and now it makes me perfectly happy.” He said.
“It may sound strange, but medium format analogue photography brought me this freedom, 12 frames per roll, which forces you to think more, slow down, do not ramble on random shooting. I switched from digital to analogue at the beginning of last year, and I see it as a real revelation. I love the classic square format, I am impressed by the tonality of the black and white film, the excitement of the home made developing. For now, I am developing and scanning my negatives at home, but by all means, I intend to build a photo lab at home and enlarge the images myself as well.” 

See more of his work at his photostream on Flickr.

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