Saturday, August 8, 2015

Gorgeous Portrait Polaroid Photography by Carmen De Vos

Carmen De Vos (°1967) is an experimental freelance photographer with a penchant for imperfections. She started photographing for many years ago and on film only, especially with Polaroids. “Almost without exception I use old Polaroid cameras, long time expired films and self-made filters. My tools and methods - such as film bleaching and deliberate film obstruction - are not precise and are not even geared towards a perfect representation. They often yield results - such as colorization, deformation, unsharpness - which I could never have predicted with any certainty, because their imperfections do not allow for calculation.”

Carmen is a slow photographer. She always registers, portrays and thinks up odd stories. She’s now also working on a new photo novel and on portrait book of Flemish female artists. “Polaroid adds a physical history to the picture by itself. The limited technical capacities of my gear restrict me. To find my way within these limitations and inconsistencies frustrates me as much as it challenges me.”

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