Tuesday, August 18, 2015

12 Interesting Analogue Shots of Condominiums Can Make You Impressive

Easy to find a condominium somewhere, but to have an interesting shot to make someone impressive is very difficult.

old estate* 10 by * tathei *

homes and doors by * andrew

patchwork by ragega!!ery

荷花的衣裳 (Clothes of Lotus ) by Chan, Danny

Heritage USA Tower - Detail by Kilgore Trout (leicamaster.)

F006091-R1-19-18 by mikkel straarup

Hong Kong Building (Film: 135) by Ng Ka Lok Edward

Lek Yuen Estate 2013 by /rexlam

sf by leostillinger

Khu tập thể Quang Trung by LeQuanTran

PMQ by aprilpo

Untitled by péternagy

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