Monday, July 6, 2015

Thomas Mascheroni - 5 things I love about Film

Thomas Mascheroni is an Italy-based photographer who loves photographing, skating, and travelling with his friends and recently joined with us in a film photography project for 1 month ago.

Thomas is also a Graphic Designer student. He has been shooting mostly on film with several cameras. So there are many reasons to keep him always love shooting film and he wants to share with us 5 main ones.

1. It's fantastic because you always have to wait your photos, It's not like digital photography that you have immediately all on your computer. It's more exciting.

2. With film you can invent, you can make some effects, you are free and not limited.

3. Another reason is the fact that you never know exactly how the photos will be. It's so thrilling.

4. Sometimes film is disappointment, when the photos were not as you thought, but this one is just another reason that I love film because it will make you learn.

5. The last reason is the simpleness! Film photos are always better than digital photos.

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