Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Terry Magson - 5 things I love about Film

Terry Magson is an English photographer,based-in Isle of Wight. He has just joined with us in a project for 1 month and loves to shoot nature and people on film mostly.

Terry is also a singer/songwriter. He has many reasons to love shooting film and he would like to share with us his 5 main things.

1. I like the fact I only have a certain amount of shots, which gives each photo more of a delicate and precious moment.

2. For me it has more of an authentic valuable process, more of an art form.

3. It's nice to have something to hold, be it the prints or negatives.

4. You can get great tones, interesting grain, richer colours.

5. The excitement of picking up my photos from the lab. I am still learning and experimenting so I never really know what to expect when I get my pictures back.

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