Sunday, July 26, 2015

Ryan Lewis - First Roll of Film Ever

Ryan Lewis is an America-based photographer who is living in Seattle. He first started to get into film photography because “I kept seeing pictures that were really incredible done by people I followed on Flickr and noticed a lot of them were done on film. I quickly learned to not waste shots on pictures that I didn't even truly like. After looking at my scans I noticed I spent multiple shots on the same scene, some of which I shouldn't have even spent one picture on. I quickly realized how important it is to only take pictures when you're sure you like what your taking. I felt like I was taking part of a lost art that literally nobody else at the game was doing. I ended up having a few pictures that turned out pretty decent but many spent pretty recklessly.”

Ryan is a baseball fan and really enjoy watching the Mariners play. And for him, “Safeco Field is a place I really like. It's a great place to do a mixture of street and portrait photography. Ballparks have a unique feel to them that are different from all other places. Baseball is a staple of American heritage and for me makes it a great place to be. So my very first roll of film was used in a Nikon N65 I bought for $15 and shot Kodak Maxx 400. I put my 50mm 1.8f on it and took photos of activities there every time I came.”

See more of his work at his photostream on Flickr.

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