Saturday, July 11, 2015

Hand-Coloured Girls

One of the most interesting and creative analogue playing methods is hand-colouring. And it's really more beautiful for portrait photography, especially with pretty girls.

velvet morning by Lithium Pears

Instinto Colorido by insømniac

Untitled by Marcellus Cruz

Carrie by sinmagic

Untitled by Snaaaap!

Christie in infrared - digital hand coloring by perrygrl

Communist's Daughter pt. 2 by jade thiraswas

Home darkroom print. Hand painted. by Lexjlu

Yana. London. 2012. by Ren Rox

Sepia & hand colored Film by ldyer41671

Untitled by Daiane Marcon

self portrait by Jessie Dinan Photography

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