Thursday, July 23, 2015

Guglielmo - 5 things I love about Film

Guglielmo is a 28-year-old Italy-based photographer who is living in Cagliari, Sardinia and first got into photography since he was a kid.

Guglielmo just joined with us in a film photography project last month. He has a lot of reasons to love shooting film and here are several main ones he wants to share with us.

1. It's tangible. While shooting I have the constant sensation of making something physical, just as a sculptor who kneads his clay.

2. Working with expired films is always a surprise. Who knows what will come out? The development of this kind of films is even more suspenseful.

3. Many old cameras aren't equipped with light meter (on my Rollei 35 SE it doesn't work because the batteries are no longer in production), you have to trust your eyes and your perception.

4. It improves your discernment. It's not funny to waste photos, especially if you're shooting on a 12 exposures film.

5. I can't really explain this, but I feel much more captivated if I use an analogue camera: I can take the most ordinary sunset photo but what I see through the viewfinder and what I expect to fix on the roll is for me inexplicably intimate.

See more of his work at his photostream on Flickr.

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