Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Dara Scully - 5 things I love about Film

25-year-old Spanish photographer, also a writer Dara Scully who has just been featured on Shooting Film for about 1 month always loves to make dreams, fairy-tale stories through her film lens.

Dara has many reasons to keep her passion on shooting film and she wants to share with us her main ones in this article.

1. The atmosphere. When you use expired film -my favorite- everything is dreamy, suggestive, unreal. I love that special atmosphere.

2. The perfect imperfections. Grain is beautiful, scratches, dust... all of these things create a wonderful texture. The pictures are alive, you almost can "touch" them.

3. The surprise. You are blind when you take a picture. Then, in a few days, weeks or, who knows, maybe even years, you discover the surprise, the unique pictures.

4. The negative. I collect them and, sometimes, I look at them and I usually find new surprises, new pictures that I had never seen before.

5. The old cameras. When you shoot film, you can use the most wonderful, old and strange cameras. Polaroid is a dream. My beautiful Zenit B, a treasure. Old cameras are special, they have their own trick, their own personal marks.

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