Wednesday, July 29, 2015

21 Extraordinary Black and White Celebrity Portraits Taken by Michael Tighe

“Dear so and so. I'm a young photographer shooting a series of portraits of celebrated New Yorkers. If you could spare a few minutes of your time I would very much like to photograph you.”
Michael Tighe began his career by writing and mailing letters to New York artists and entertainers in 1974. He sent out between 30 and 40 letters a week, hearing back initially from two or three people over the course of two years who, to his surprise, all said yes: Al Hirschfield (New York Times cartoonist), Frank Stella (artist), Allen Funt (Mr. Candid Camera).

Tighe has been shooting photos since he was a kid. It was his dad's hobby. So he had great cameras and a real darkroom from the get go. Started shooting formal portraits and working professionally when he was nineteen in 1974, after studying with famed portrait photographers Philippe Halsman and Arnold Newman, major influences in his early work.

Julia Roberts

Alec Baldwin

Harvey Keitel with his daughter Stella

Amanda Plummer

Sean Penn

Elizabeth Taylor

Cybill Shepherd

Rutger Hauer

Milla Jovovich

Patti Smith

Ralph Lauren

Estelle Parsons

Oliver Stone

Allen Ginsberg

Annabella Sciorra

Lorraine Bracco

Elsa Peretti

Andy Warhol

Jodie Foster

Michael Stipe

Michael Jackson

(Photos © Michael Tighe)

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