Monday, June 22, 2015

When the Children Cry

 When the children cry
 Let them know we tried
 'Cause when the children sing
 Then the new world begins..."
- White Lion

So sad... by Darth Tyler

You made me cry by oliviermela

The cry before the pain, is pain nonetheless! by Balaji Bharadwaj

Humanity's Cry by Big Grey Mare

Tears- Batu Cave, Malaysia by Paul Swee

Child and Tears by Coolbite1 / Erickson Ocampo

Untitled by lorraine jean

wedding photos edward olive orange squash finished by Edward Olive Actor Photographer Fotografo Madrid

just after the fall. by sami k (the k stands for potassium!)

Ffion Crying. by Dan Kreeger

Coupe Coupe Jean en Nice by Rifat Attamimi

芽 - 壹歲拾壹個月, Bud - 1 year and 11 months by C.Kunta

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