Monday, June 15, 2015

That's Why We Should Choose Black and White Films for Street Photography

Street photography is photography inclined to catching moments and emotions of people on the street. So choosing a type of suitable film to shoot is also one of the most important things. Among them, black and white film is usually used by photographers.

Parigi by Valt3r Rav3ra - DEVOted!. by tim clements

Spilling over. by tim clements

Untitled by Terry Branick

Untitled by florian_d

(Insolation / Isolation) by Robbie McIntosh

13740003 9272013 C by Vincent DiPietro

leaving on a jet plane by Linc ~

windows 2014 by Sona Maletz

Rex, stop ! by Darladirladada (Film / Analog)

A lucky guy... by Nash72

Liverpool Street Station, London by Dr Karanka

Racist Attack on Mother & Baby by Anthony Cronin

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