Wednesday, June 10, 2015

That's Why We Love to Shoot From Airplane With a Film Camera

Taking photos from airplane is always a favourite thing for most of travelers, especially for photographers. Photos at the plane taking off, landing, or sometimes those are beautiful photos when the plane is above the clouds.

Clouds For Kansas by OZAR

fly_by_hanoi09 by navelless

little fluffy clouds by lomoD.xx

in her dreams by Tom Kondrat

Untitled by cellophanesoul

Vanilla Sky by André Corrêa

Up Above, It's So Silent by nathanielperales

Above the clouds by San Budi

above the land by yuki*

sky by naprisi

Another .. satisfied day by mi..chael

Hasselblad 500C – C – FujiProvia400 – Sky & Clouds by Gustaf_E

Above the clouds by Timo Kirkkala

Dreams Adrift by Hayden_Williams

clouds by pinkparakeets

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