Monday, June 1, 2015

Saleem Ahmed - 5 things I love about Film

Saleem Ahmed is 26-year-old American photographer who is from Connecticut, but now living in Philadelphia. He loves to shoot portrait, nature, and urban area on film mostly with his medium format film cameras.

Saleem has just been featured on Shooting Film, and now coming back to share his experience in photography in a project called 5 things I love about Film.

1. Quality over quantity: It slows me down. I know that I have 10 shots on my roll, and I take more time planning and making my photographs.

2. We spend so much time looking at screens all day, so I enjoy that my film camera (Plaubel Makina 67) doesn't have anything electronic except a little red/green light meter led.

3. To this day, I still have the anxiety and excitement after I drop off a roll of film to get developed.

4. The click of the shutter. It's so final and there is no way to go back and delete the image.

5. Forgetting to remove my lens cap from my lens. I have a rangefinder, so sometimes I photograph blank moments without realizing.

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