Monday, June 29, 2015

Robert Chang - 5 things I love about Film

Robert Chang is a Hong Kong photographer, based-in Larissa, Greece who joined with us in a project to share his work for 1 month ago and loves to shoot everything on film mostly.

Robert has many reasons to love shooting film, and here are 5 main things he want to share with us in this article.

1. Photography was always something that fascinated me. Only film photography counts as photography for me because digital is just made out of digits and pixels, there is nothing real there. Without computers it doesn't even exist. It is paranoid.

2. I like the darkroom. I want to have control over the whole process. Shooting, developing and printing. This is one reason why I often shoot black and white too. I want to be able to develop and see how much exposure I want for each picture and what else I can do with it. This also allows me to have fast results, because I really hate waiting.

3. I like the smell of film and chemicals. I develop something every week. From the first time I was learning to develop film, I was obsessed with the smell and the mixing of the chemicals.

4. It excites me that I can feel that I and a person of so many years ago, I don't know how many years ago, can go through the same process even though times have changed so much.

5. This is how I met my girlfriend Emma. Something was wrong with her camera, and she asked me and I knew how to fix it. At that time I didn't do much photography, but she was, so I started taking lots of pictures.

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