Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Michael Angelo - 5 things I love about Film

Michael Angelo is a 21-year-old Greek photographer who comes from Athens and has been shooting on film only for 6 years now.

Michael who has just been featured on Shooting Film shoots mostly nature and portrait. For him, photography plays an important part of his life, so he has a lot of reasons to keep his passion on shooting film, and he want to tell us 5 main things he loves shooting film.

1. I love the analogue tones on my photos.

2. Sometimes I forget what I've photographed, especially when it's been a long time since I started a film roll, and this enhances my excitement for the outcome.

3. I love the smell of my film camera when I'm looking through the viewfinder. It's like I smell the past and the camera's history, the places it's been or the hands it's been held by.

4. The settings are so simple and the outcome so magical, even if your settings were not that precise.

5. Almost every single shot among my favorite ones was taken with my analogue camera.

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