Wednesday, June 3, 2015

James Juranke - 5 things I love about Film

James Juranke is an Australian photographer who comes from Melbourne. His photography focuses mainly on fashion, portrait, and street on both film and digital, but “film photography always brings to me more emotional.”

James who has just joined with us in a project of Shooting Film has a lot of reasons to keep his passion on analogue, and he would like to share with us his main ones.

1. It's raw. There is no manipulation, what you see is what you get. The digital world has created some amazing photos. But sometimes you need to go back to where it all began to capture the true elements of a photo.

2. The story and emotions. Story telling photography is something that drives my film work. So it shows my stories, my emotions in the format I want it to be seen. There is always a story to be told, does not matter if it is a portrait, or street photography.

3. It slows down the moment. To compose the photo, the story and moment. You don't have that opportunity to shoot "500 plus" photos to get the one you want. You have to get it right or close to the first time. Light, location all plays a part to capture that photo. So it makes you think more before pushing that shutter and connects you more to your subject.

4. The unknown. You can't see it at the moment you take it. You don't know how it will turn out at times. "Was the lightning right? Did I over exposure it, did I meter it right?" and many other questions running  through your mind. But that unknown can sometimes all more to the photo then you expect.

5. I knew it was for me, photography. I still remember as a kid when I first shoot with a disposable camera and got the photos back. It felt right in a format where I could express myself. I got my first SLR camera (Zenit-E) at 15 years old and the rest is history.

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