Thursday, June 18, 2015

Andrew Vincent Smith - 5 things I love about Film

Andrew Vincent Smith is a 19-year-old American photographer who is living in Linwod, NJ. He was first interested in analogue photography for 7 years ago, and since then has never stopped this passion.

Andrew has just been featured on Shooting Film for over 1 month. He has a lot of reasons to keep his work going on film photography and here are 5 main things he wants to share with us.

1. It actually takes effort! Instead of pointing and clicking your iPhone or a simple digital camera that does everything for you. You really have to take your time with getting the right amount of light, the right angle, frame, and so on.

2. It’s Christmas every time you get back film. You never guess what you can get but if by some chance you have a light leak or find out your light-meter broke... than Christmas is ruined.

3. I prefer the look! The look of film far surpasses the look of digital to me. Digital just looks all glammed-up to me and almost fake in a way. Film is from the heart, it's real. It has that gritty-grainy look to it that really makes me love it.

4. The unexpectedness. These shots here were not even suppose to happen. The ledge he is sitting out is a completely different ledge than what is pictured. And I love in this shot how you can see my one friend Tom peeping in the back.

5. You stand out from the rest. I like being different and shooting film encompasses that. Sadly, film is dying but with dedicated people only choosing to shoot film than we help keep it alive and preserve it in that way. I love showing my friends how to load a roll of film into the camera or just teaching them about the whole process of getting it developed. Whatever it might be I like being the educator in an art-form that a lot of kids in my generation don't know about.

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