Saturday, June 6, 2015

"On the Top of the World" Film Photography Project by Thomas Mascheroni

Thomas Mascheroni is a photographer who is living in the north of Italy. “I'm studying for being a Graphic Designer. My passions are photographing, skating, travelling and go walking over the mountains with my friends, sometimes also alone.”

Thomas uses some analogue cameras like Zenit 12XP, Zenit 122 and Nikon F 55, and his favourite film is always Kodak Gold. He has just made a film photography project called " On the top of the world" from his journey to the mountains with his friends. “In my photos I will represent the real life made by hard emotions and great moments on the tops of the world. Believe in a way to find the happiness in the concrete things, in the places, in the trees and in the wind.”

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