Thursday, June 4, 2015

"9 Months, 9 Pictures" Film Photography Project by Tamara Jullien

Tamara Jullien is a 30-year-old French photographer, based-in Paris. She has been working on film mostly and “I have two favorite themes: people and everyday life. People for the infinite possibilities it allows, from details to portraits. Everyday life, as it tells more stories than you can imagine. I love to work with natural light and no staging.”

Tamara who joined with us in a project called Me and my film cameras in July, 2013 now coming back to share her wonderful film photography project 9 months, 9 pictures.
“As far as I can remember, we hear full of cliches about pregnancy, that pills up in our head. Without realizing we already have an opinion on the subject, like: a pregnant woman must be happy and fulfilled as it's wonderful what's happening, she shouldn't be doubtful or worried.... Magazines, family, even friends create this square in which the pregnant women must fit. I just want to say and show it's OK to feel whatever you're feeling because everyone has his own path through this challenging revolution. Turning emotions into images helped me go through a whole range of feelings.”

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