Monday, June 29, 2015

"Heroes Con" Film Photography Project by Scott Southall

Scott Southall is a 28-year-old Columbia-based photographer who joined with us in few projects and now coming back to share his work that he has just got back from shooting some of the new Impossible Project 600 Gen 2.0 that they just released at a comic book convention in Charlotte, NC.

June 19th through the 21st was Heroes Con in Charlotte, North Carolina, and I was there for the second year in a row. Heroes Con is one of North Carolina's best comic book conventions, full of writers, artists, cosplayers, fans, and dealers. There are so many creators in Artist Alley that it's difficult to meet each one in a single day, but you can pace yourself and have some great conversations and even commission some art work of your favorite fictional characters if you want to.

I took a couple of film cameras along for the trip, including my Mamiya C330 and my SX- 70 Sonar to capture all of the activity at the convention. All of the Impossible Project shots (except for the shot of Honey lemon with the Poisoned Paradise 600 film boarder) were taken with the Impossible Project's new Gen 2.0 600 test film, and I got some great results. I took 2 of them using a flash bar and the rest using natural light, and the results were excellent! The colors and tone of this new film are greatly improved compared to the past batches of film over the last two years, and the hints of green that were left over in some of my shots from the last batch of test film that was released are non existent now. They actually have a few packs of test film left for anyone to pick up if you're interested in shooting some!

Of the cosplayers that I got to photograph, I actually got a chance to talk to the Harley Quinn for a little while. She came as a female version of The Joker on Sunday that was equally as good as her Harley.

The two artists that I got to meet and shoot with my medium format camera were James Dormer Schneider, who drew lots of pinup art of all of the cosplayers, and his friend Stephanie Lantry, a graphic designer and comic book artist.

There was so much more to see at Heroes Con that I didn't get a chance to capture, so to see a lot more of what they other photographers captured.

Here are some more beautiful photos from Scott.

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