Sunday, May 10, 2015

Rarely Seen Street Photographs of New York City from the 1950s Through the 1980s by Leon Levinstein

Leon Levinstein (1910–1988) was an American street photographer best known for his work documenting everyday street life in New York City from the 1950s through the 1980s.
“A good photograph,” he said in an interview, “will prove to the viewer how little our eyes permit us to see. Most people only see what they've always seen and what they expect to see. Whereas a photographer, if he's good, will see everything.”
He moved to New York in 1946 and spent the next thirty-five years obsessively photographing strangers on the streets of his adopted home. With daring and dedication to his subject, Levinstein captured the denizens of New York City at extremely close range. He used his superb sense of composition to frame the faces, flesh, poses, and movements of his fellow city dwellers in their myriad guises: sunbathers, young couples, children, businessmen, beggars, prostitutes, proselytizers, society ladies, and characters of all stripes.

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