Thursday, May 28, 2015

Ng Ka Lok Edward - 5 things I love about Film

Ng Ka Lok Edward is a Hong Kong based photographer. He has just joined with us in a project for over 1 month and loves to shoot street, urban areas on film, especially with black and white.

For Edward, photography is not only a work, but also a huge passion, and always play an important part of his life. So he has many reasons to keep on shooting film, and here are several things he wants to share with us.

1. Film is the one and only choice for B&W photos.

2. I am a crazy movie lover and it is impossible to make a movie by myself. So I got into film photography which I can afford.

3. I love mechanical camera and it is built for film photos.

4. The cost of film slows me down.

5. Just love the film.

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  1. We're proud to have a selection of her photos on Photocircle. Thanks for being on board Kathrin!