Sunday, May 17, 2015

Multiple Exposure Damaged Film Photography

Damaged film (or destroyed film) photography is a favorite photographic method of some analogue photographers which requires creativeness and perseverance of them. There are a lot of film damaging methods as: burning, bleaching, light-leaking, heating...and they depend on shooters' purposes. Sometimes some of these photographers also make multiple exposure shots with these films and here are some examples.

次の大陸へ inter-continental highway by fotobes

Film Swap by kat-ward

Untitled by despite our differences

[ - On the Road - ] by Mr. TRONA

The dead of spring by /

Untitled by -Antoine-

zajok és csendek by myrtillis

Kieran and the confetti by Red, Door.

Mt Lebanon by Jacob-Manes

Untitled by mikehip

dreamfield by klausfish

Untitled by auspices

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