Sunday, May 24, 2015

Julia Feige - 5 things I love about Film

Julia Feige is a 22-year-old German freelance photographer, also model from Berlin who is studying in Halle (Saale) and has just been featured on Shooting Film for 1 month. She loves to shoot portrait of her family's members and friends on film, so she has a lot of reasons to keep her passion on shooting film, and here are 5 main things she wants to share with us.

1. Each film camera has different qualities or flaws like character traits of different persons. Combined with a specific film every shot ends up in different results. I love my film cameras sometimes because of their flaws as these make them so unique!

2. Digital photography tends to reproduce reality 1:1 and the photos may become sharper than you want it to be. Film enables me and the spectator to concentrate on my main motive and not on little pores of the skin of my models.

3. Because of the limited number of photos per film and its costs I am forced to really overthink a shot. It allows me and my model to develop a composition which makes it much more ruminant. I develop kind of a consciousness and visual awareness.

4. Some people may think: Oh, but then you have to wait a lot of time before you actually see the photos! On the contrary, I love waiting for the results.

5. Film appears to be more real as you have to get them processed. Millions of digital photos that are scattered all over my pc are not of any use to me.

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