Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Here without You

 I'm here without you, baby
 But you're still on my lonely mind
 I think about you, baby
 And I dream about you all the time
 I'm here without you, baby
 But you're still with me in my dreams
 And tonight it's only you and me,..." - 3 Doors Down
Alone. by mr.fink

Steuben's Diner | Denver, Colorado | Kodak 400 C-41 film | Olympus Stylus Epic mju-II | 35mm 2.8 1/2-sec. | 35mm film
by *AndrewYoungPhoto* (writing_with_glass)

Imprinted Thoughts by George Arnaldo

Portrait of a senior man by Nasos Zovoilis

Untitled by Olivier Courtois

alone with myself by we saw it happen

Walkin' In The Middle Of Nowhere by _Analogue_

lonely by Peeturh Jackson

noah by gui mohallem

lonely by martin_jaeger

. by asya baranova

Untitled by Richard Stewart James Gaston

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