Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Griffin Dehne - 5 things I love about Film

Griffin Dehne is a 19-year-old American wedding photographer, based-in San Diego, California. “I enjoy shooting candid portraits of my friends and my daily life. I shoot on a variety of 35mm formats.”

For Griffin, photography is as his hobbies and plays an important part in his life, especially analogue photography, so he has a lot of reasons to keep his love for shooting film, and he would like to share with us his main 5 things below.

1. Forgetting. I take a while to shoot a roll of film so when I finally get them developed, I have forgotten what is on each one, and every time I am surprised.

2. Slowing down. Every shot is unique, and take my time finding the composition and lighting. While when I shoot digital, I just keep shooting, not looking at each picture as a special unique one.

3. The history. My grandfather and great grandfather were both photographers. My grandfather passed his camera on to me when he passed away, which sparked my interest in film photography.

4. The simplicity. The lack of buttons and options on film cameras makes everything easier and less intimidating. People react differently when a film camera is pointed at them compared to a digital one.

5. The mess ups. When the roll doesn't advance properly or when light leaks happen, it adds to and experimental roll.

See more of his work at his website.

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