Sunday, May 24, 2015

Black and White Hasselblad Girls

Hasselblad (film) is one of the most popular medium format cameras of analogue photographers. The camera originating from Sweden is usually a favourite choice, especially for girls because of its neatness and pretty easy to use.

09.63.02 by ~ Tilly ~

In my belly by {E}mma

self portrait, hasselblad by manyfires

shooting the photographer by Luis Andrei Muñoz

Enjoy Camera Life by *myu

img281 by **emilie**

. by sue.h

Self by sold as is

Week 20 by ronet

long time, no see. by

How many self portraits can I do at once? by Katt Janson

me again by stephcarter

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  1. Hasselblad is a girls favourite because it's easy to use? Really? :( You make it sound as if women can't or don't want to handle a more "complicated" camera.

  2. Your are right. This is a shame too write thing like that for a website.